Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The mock-up, part 2.

The following day we picked up with renewed verve and started with the rear wheel: the sprocket is aligned and the rear tyre fitted. I'm very happy that - by chance as it turned out - I went for K70 front and rear, they look perfect.

This time sparks are flying as Peppe fabricates the support for the fuel tank, which also doubles as the ignition coil bracket:

 It's rubber mounted front and back.

Next are the footrests, probably the toughest thing of the whole build, because you have to figure out everything depending on where you want them, what exhausts you're using, etc. They also have to be strong and look good. I had no idea on this point, this is what Peppe came up with:

It may look simple enough but it took a lot of time and work to make! I'll take better photos of the footrests once I dismantle the bike for paint.


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