Monday, September 23, 2013

Nice shoes!

Finally! I finally got around to replacing the shoes on the Rising Star's front brake.
It seems like something I could have done anytime in the past few months, except there were always plenty of other things getting in the way. Anyway, that's done and the difference is considerable. Of course you still need a healthy, manly squeeze of the lever but they really do work much better. Witold was on deck, as always, to lend a hand with a few things, thanks bro.

We gave everything a good clean and got it all done in very little time. The OIF brakes are surprisingly easy to work on and if they're set up properly they can be very effective bits of kit.
Below is a detail of one of the adjusters as seen through the hub: keep an eye on these from time to time and it'll help keep your brake working well.

Next up, though who knows when that'll be, the rear sprocket and the mufflers. And after that, it'll be on to my poor Commando...


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