Thursday, April 23, 2015

Here we go again...

You'd be forgiven for having forgotten my Fastback: I nearly forgot I have this thing myself, that's how rarely I get to see it, let alone ride it. Truly, what a shame.

Anyway, as you may recall, I rebuilt the top end last year, and although it works, there is a problem that needs fixing if I want this to be more than a 1:1 scale static model of a motorcycle.

Without going into every single step, here's a photo of where we're at:

What I need to examine more closely are the moving parts within the cylinder head, plus take a look down the cylinder bores to check for any nasty surprises: the latter was easier to do and it would appear that everything is fine. The bores look clean and free of any scoring or marks of any kind, so I can just check that all fasteners are properly torqued down and leave it at that. This is proof that SRM did a very good job, and also that I didn't completely cock this up when I put it back together. I'll allow myself an imperceptible pat on the back for that one.

As for the cylinder head, other than a visual check to see if anything looked out of place, it's time to disassemble everything once again.

(Sometimes I really hate these damn bikes...)


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