Monday, May 4, 2015

Illegal muscle enhancement.

A while back, our friend Witold acquired a BMW R45 as a restoration project.
It wasn't a basket case insofar as it was all in one piece that looked like a complete motorcycle... but there was some work to do.
While the bike had obviously not been used very much (low miles, nothing out of place, undisturbed original cable ties), it must have been abandoned and never used again for a long, long time. And given that Witold just happened to have a 1000cc engine lying around, the whole thing was pretty much a foregone conclusion.
He quickly, quietly, secretly set to work, secluded in his dark domain, conjuring up all sorts of unholy things to help him in his quest. The bike was ripped apart, fluids spilling everywhere, a blood-curdling affair not for the faint of heart.
All that could be seen or heard in amongst the insidious wisps of a malevolent mist down the shadowy corridor outside the garage were the sound of a hacksaw through metal, fluttering leathery wings, the flickering light of a welder, hot as the sun itself, yet cold and unforgiving at the same time; and the whispered, half-heard summons of dark legions in a forgotten language unfit for the human tongue. 
Unknown components of the electrical system were examined, fixed or replaced. The master cylinder was overhauled and put back together, as were the rear shock absorbers. The frame was sandblasted and resprayed, all bearings replaced and the driveshaft serviced.
And then, in a scene that would surely have driven even the most steadfast of men to complete Lovecraftian madness, he swapped out the engine!
If the photos that follow are unorganised and seemingly incongruous, it is only to convey the sense of unwholesome frenzy that brought forth this beast into our world.
Now behold the R45000, and despair!


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